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Day Three of the 2010 Cleft Surgery Trip

Another great day! Seven children had their operations today – Fenn, Louise, Zachary, Louie, Lianne, John, and Chloe. Our team described the day as truly wonderful, but truly exhausting as well. 12 additional children were also admitted to the ward, awaiting evaluations for surgery.

Some rural families have started arriving at the hospital, hoping that our team will be able to help their children as well. Little Ming Yi was accompanied by her mom and grandfather. Sadly, her daddy recently passed away, and the family does not have any money available to help her receive cleft lip surgery.
The grandfather and mom were very happy to hear that our team wanted to help heal Ming Yi. We have put her information on our donation page, so if anyone would like to help this beautiful child have her lip repaired, you can go to this link.   Isn’t it wonderful that our world is so connected through technology now that we can learn of this poor family in need in China – and then immediately offer our assistance to help their child have a new chance at a happy life?

In the toddler room, Yasmine was comforting her friend Zachary as his IV was inserted. She snuggled up to him in bed and soon had him laughing. Grant joined in as well to keep little Zachary happy until it was his turn to go to the OR. These children are such dear friends, constantly checking on each other and sharing everything. We are so hopeful that following these surgeries, the children will have their adoption paperwork filed, so that they can find the permanent families they so deserve!

The Three Musketeers (keeping their friend happy)

Little Jessie was up most of the night. He was admitted to the hospital with an infection, but he is now on IV antibiotics. We are hoping surgery can take place later this week. Today he managed to snooze quite comfortably with his new toy dog keeping watch.

We have two “red thread” moments to share as well. Maureen was putting on a pair of no nos that had been donated to our trip by a family in the US who had adopted a child with cleft from China. With the no nos was a picture of the child, and written on the back of the photo was the child’s name and orphanage. It turned out that she and the baby who was now wearing them were from the exact same orphanage in Hunan! What are the chances of that? And then this morning at breakfast, Maureen met a family who was in Fujian to adopt their newest child. It turned out they had sponsored one of the babies for this trip! We are hoping they can visit the hospital and meet the baby whose life they changed in person.

Thank you again for all of your good wishes for these beautiful kids. Here are a few more photos that we want to share. Aren’t the transformations just wonderful to see? We are SO grateful for your support!

Hayden sleeps peacefully on the ward

Jan looks beautiful post-surgery

John was very alert today

Leslie is a new arrival on the ward from the Fuzhou orphanage

Doesn’t Melissa look so beautiful?

Louise waiting for her turn to have surgery

Dr. Ness checking on baby Jan

The reason our team is in China – to give babies like Lianne these incredible second chances

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