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Day Two of Hefei Mission

The LWB team had a very successful first day of surgery, completing Hope, Yuan, and Er. We were very happy to have Dr. Buckmiller join us after several airport delays. She was immediately put to work examining Dang and consulting with his caregivers. Dang was quite taken with Dr. Buckmiller and smiled and giggled through the entire exam.

Chelsea, a four-month-old from the LWB Cleft Home, arrived today. She was treated with a blanket made by a 15-year-old girl from the Northern California FCC group.


Yuan came ready for surgery sporting a new hairdo and all dressed up. What a cutie!

Er, our five-month-old cooing baby, was unhappy with us as she could not eat all morning while awaiting surgery. Hopefully all will be forgotten and forgiven tomorrow!

Hope returned from surgery awake and was soon treated to a manicure by Maureen.

Qing, scheduled for surgery Tuesday, surprised us with a full blown case of chicken pox! After recovering, she’ll be referred to a Chinese doctor for further treatment.

“Mei wen ti” has become our favorite Chinese saying this week. Translated, it means “no worries.”


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  • Leonor says:

    Yuan, we are your spanish sponrships. We love you!!!!! You are SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!

    Leonor, from Spain. Hijos que Esperan group