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Day Two of the 2010 Cleft Surgery Trip

Day Two of our Cleft Surgery trip got off to a great start. Our team was met by the nursing students at the hospital, who had dressed the babies up in cute little hats and were strolling them down the hallway.

The first baby to have surgery today was little Daisy from Shangrao. She came back from the OR alert and comfortable. She was happy to see her nanny and curious to look at all the people standing and smiling all around her. What a beautiful new smile she has!

Daisy’s new smile!

Payton slept through the morning wait before her surgery and woke up very curious about why our staff was carrying her to the OR. She returned after surgery with her palate repaired, and was sleeping quietly as she recovered.

Payton being wheeled off to surgery

Harris also had his lip surgery today. He tested his lungs when he returned to the ward but settled back to sleep fairly quickly. Jan also headed to the OR, and Dr. Ness gave her a very beautiful new nose and smile.

Wade was next on the schedule and was very unhappy with his IV and no-no arm restraints. He is a very strong boy, and his caregiver had his hands full with walking him up and down the hall and finding ways to entertain him.

Wade and his caregiver

We have set up a remote camera in the OR that allows a live camera feed in one of the meeting rooms. Some of the caregivers have wanted to watch their baby having surgery, and so we have given them this opportunity. Some were quickly moved to tears and had to step out as it was too emotional for them to see. One nanny watched the entire 2 hour surgery without moving, tears streaming down her face. She told our team, “I will not let my baby cry again now that I know what she has gone through.”

Busy toddlers waiting for surgery

We have a toddler room full of activity with the kids who are mobile like the two in the above photo.  One of these busy kids is Zachary.  We have decided to change Zachary’s name to “Curious George” as he is into everything! He and his best friends Yasmine and Grant explored, climbed, laughed and played all day. Chloe somehow managed to sleep through it all, sucking on her little fingers. Zachary will have his palate repaired tomorrow.

Zachary…otherwise known as “Curious George”

We have a very special guest at this cleft trip. Some of you might remember De Teng, an older boy who grew up at the Kaifeng orphanage in Henan. He studied very hard in school and we were so honored to be able to help him with his tuition to dental school when he graduated from high school. He had told us on our trip to June that one of his dreams was to meet Dr. Ness in person someday, and so we were able to arrange for him to travel to Fujian to help on this trip. The kids have had so much fun with him so far! In fact, little Yasmine has fallen in love with him and doesn’t want to share him with any of the other kids. Yasmine was one of the babies on our Hefei cleft surgery trip, and it is so wonderful to see her now as a toddler getting ready to have her palate repaired.

It’s easy to see why Yasmine is captivated by De Teng!

Fenn continued to be Mr. Charming, smiling at everyone and observing all the activity in the room. He has made many friends with his grins, and Dr Ness is definitely one of them! He will have surgery tomorrow.

New friends Fenn and Dr. Ness

Louie is a very sweet little boy who is so cooperative and quiet. He does answer when asked questions, but otherwise is content to study everything around him. He colored in his new coloring book for an hour, and even shared with his toy frog, holding the frog’s hand to let “him” color a page. His surgery will be tomorrow as well.

Louie coloring

Joel arrived today to the hospital, and quickly earned the nickname of “Mr. Smiley”. He definitely feels like he was invited to a great party and is ready to have a blast.

Joel, aka “Mr. Smiley”

We also have a future opera singer in our midst! Mary arrived this afternoon and treated us to some very loud singing then settled down with a book. Hard to believe she is only nine months old.


Future opera star Mary

And we are excited to share good news about Blaise! Yesterday he was eating 90 cc of formula every three hours for the new caregiver, and today he increased to 120 cc (4 oz) every 3 hours. His color is SO much better. He is a quiet, alert baby that reminds us all of baby Hercules, the tiny little boy some of you might remember from a past trip. We are all hoping he continues feeding this well so that he can hopefully qualify for surgery at week’s end.

De Teng holding Blaise

Our team had a very long day and headed back late to their hotel. We are wishing all of them sweet dreams tonight as they have another very long day tomorrow. Thanks again for all of your wonderful thoughts and good wishes for the kids and those helping. All of these new smiles are only possible thanks to our wonderful supporters!

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