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Dear People @ LWB

You just never know what surprises the daily mail will bring!

This week, we received a priceless letter from a friend of LWB that we wanted to share with all of you:

Dear People @ LWB,

I am 12 years old and would like to help. I’m small and probably won’t be much use, but I think that every kid deserves a chance to learn. I want to be able to support Emily, the 12 year old girl with brittle bone disease, so I am enclosing $40 to support her education. My dad is in China right now for a business meeting, so please don’t tell him! Although he supports what I do, I want to make a change in my own name. Thank you and I will not WILL NOT accept this money if you send it back. I have to warn you, I am as stubborn as as stubborn gets. Please ensure that the enclosed money goes to Emily’s education.

P.S. (Don’t worry, this is my allowance…not stolen!)


Emily at workbenchLanzhousmallEmily

What a wonderful reminder that you are never too small or too young to make a difference.┬áThis donor’s money will specifically┬ábe put towards Emily’s education fund and will be treasured dearly because we know that this donor gave with a willing and generous heart.

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  • chinalwb says:

    How generous of you to match our young supporter’s donation! We truly appreciate your support.

  • Laura says:

    Exciting news that a wonderful family has stepped forward for Miss Emily! Please tell your newest advocate, who wrote this letter, that I will match their $40 donation.