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Dedication (in heels, no less)

Everyone who follows our blog knows how much we love quality foster care. We absolutely love when a baby who has been lying in a crib most of the time is able to move into a family setting and get loved on all day. We are so excited by our newest program in Huainan, Anhui, because the orphanage staff agreed that we could move some tiny babies into foster care so that they can spend almost their entire time before adoption in a home environment.

Well, the contracts were signed, the families were selected, their health physicals were done, their homes were prepared, the babies were chosen, the day had arrived to meet their new mommas…..and WHAT’S THIS? A snowstorm? Oh my, oh my.

But did snow deter our great new moms and dads? Not one little bit. They showed up to meet their new children and pitched in to carry their new cribs home as well. We were particularly impressed with this photo of them moving a crib through the snow (in high heels.)

Now THAT’S dedication! We knew right then that these parents are excited about their new jobs as we are, and we can’t wait to see the progress that each little baby makes in their new home.

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