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Definition of: Mother

Mother (moth-er) — Something or someone that gives rise to or exercises protecting care over something else: origin or source. To look after or care for as a mother does.

This Mother’s Day, Love Without Boundaries would like to extend to women and men alike, a special thank you for your caring support, sponsors and prayers that touch the lives of orphans every day. To them you are the hope and joy, their protectors that rise above to show you care.

Love Without Boundaries continues to help a special young lady named Rena. As a young girl living at Xinzhou SWI, Rena was missing an eye. Through LWB’s caring sponsors, she received a glass eye that made her smile with happiness! More recently she was diagnosed with Thyroid Tumors which are known to become cancerous if left untreated. Rena has been so worried about her diagnosis and treatment, she would often be found sobbing alone. LWB staff knew this was an urgent need and was able to fund her surgery and she is now recovering.

LWB just received a letter from her which expresses such gratitude and this she sends to you:

“In the future days, I will try my best to become a nurse and help those in need and reward society with love. In the end please allow me to say “Thank You” to everyone in LWB and those who cared for me and helped me.”

Rena can soon focus on her future and growing into a beautiful young woman “mothering“ those who are in need.

Mary Hecky is Medical Program Administrative Coordinator for Love Without Boundaries. She lives in Ohio with her husband Chad, and children Ryan, Marissa, Mariah (China), Mya (Taiwan)

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