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Devotion. Being an ayi, or a caregiver, to children in an orphanage is not just a job for some people. For many, they understandably become very attached to the children that they care for in good times and bad, in health….and in sickness.

Austin’s ayi travelled with him from his orphanage to the hospital where he was to receive his surgery.

When Austin checked into the hospital, his ayi refused to leave him. Instead of spending the night at the hotel as we had arranged, she slept in the bed with Austin and would not leave his side.

Every LWB child who is admitted to the hospital has an ayi accompany them which typically involves travel from their orphanage to a city far from home. Please see the LWB Holiday Gift Guide for more information on how to make a donation that will pay for a week of caregiver’s fees for a hospitalized child.

Austin is now healed and is well enough to move to foster care. Guess who his new foster mother turned out to be — his devoted ayi!

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