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Did My Birthparents Love Me?

One of the questions that adoptive parents are often asked by their children is whether or not their birthparents loved them. Many people have different thoughts on this subject, since very few of us know the absolute facts surrounding our children’s abandonment.

How do you answer this question when asked?

  1. I tell them that their birthparents most definitely loved them.
  2. I tell them that someone loved them enough to get them to a safe location to be found and taken to the orphanage.
  3. I tell them, “I don’t know.”
  4. I have not yet had to discuss this question with my child.

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  • iamkgunst says:

    I have used a combination of both 1 and 2. As in 1 of course they loved you… as proven by 2, they loved you so much when they realized they couldn’t keep you they made a plan to make sure you would be taken care of with love.

    by the way – I would never say “they loved you enough to…” as that sounds as if there was a limit to the love.

  • Cheryl O'Neil says:

    Why would a woman carry a child to term, endure the challenges of childbirth in secret, risk being found out, and all that it involves, then lay them down in a finding place, and watch over them from a distance until the time of their rescue, when the easy thing to do would be to abort and walk away? There is no other reason than that she loved the child enough to give it life. That is what I believe to be true. That is what I’ve told my daughters since gotcha day and I do not believe they’ve been mislead.