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Diego Puts His Best Foot Forward

Born with congenital club foot, three-year-old Diego joined LWB’s Foster Care Program when he was eleven months old. Living with his loving foster family provided him not only with security and stability but gave him the chance of receiving the continued daily treatment that he needed after corrective surgery.


Diego wore orthopedic braces for his feet every night for months, which he didn’t like too much at all. Some nights he managed to get them off, and once he even broke them. His wonderful foster mother never wavered in her care of him and made sure that he kept the devices on for the time needed for optimal results.

Aside from his feet, Diego’s foster parents’ main concern was his legs, which they thought were too thin and weak. They never gave up encouraging him to walk, and together with the enriched cereals he received through our nutrition program, Diego gained strength and confidence.


Seeing the pictures of Diego taking his first steps at the age of 19 months was such a joy to our volunteers!

201301 Diego's foster family - 2 yo


Diego has a large foster family, and he gets along very well with all of his foster siblings. He has a younger sister, Cristina, who is also sponsored by LWB, whom he loves and always shares his sweets. When their foster mother is doing the laundry, he watches over and plays with her.


In March, Diego started school with the support of LWB’s Tuition Assistance Program, and he has not looked back. He just loves school! Since he started he is the first one to go to bed, and each morning he gets up by himself, excited to be going to school. He would wear his backpack all day if he were allowed. When Diego comes back from school, he keeps his backpack on until dinner time. Recently he had a cough, and, when his foster mother told him he could not go to school, he started crying. At that point the phone rang and Diego said, “That’s my teacher calling for me to go to school.”

Diego has come a long way in a short time. We are so proud of this young boy and are grateful to our foster care sponsors for helping him put his best foot forward.

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