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Dingxi Nannies Learn New Therapy Techniques

“…Good timber does not grow with ease,
The stronger wind,
The stronger trees,
The further sky,
The greater length.
The more storm,
The more strength…” ~
Douglas Malloch~

There are times when humans resemble trees….the more difficult their circumstances, the harder they work to achieve the height of success. Recently, LWB learned that children of the Dingxi Social Welfare Institute in Gansu Province were in need of physical therapy to help them grow strong and achieve better health. Even though several of the children there are afflicted with cerebral palsy, there weren’t trained staff members to help these children.

Fortunately, through generous donations, Love Without Boundaries was able to forge a partnership with the orphanage to obtain physical therapy training for orphanage staff members.

Two nannies from the orphanage traveled to Xin Qian Hospital in Chongqing where they trained in physical therapy techniques for three months. Two mornings each week, Nanny Li and Nanny Ling joined nursing students for theory and practice classes that taught causes of cerebral palsy, evaluation of cerebral palsy, and therapies and effective use of therapy equipment. Three days a week, the nannies accompanied doctors on rounds through the pediatric portion of the hospital to visit with patients and practice newly learned skills.

In the new year of the Tiger, Li and Ying returned to Dingxi to provide much needed physical therapy to the children there. As Li and Ying have worked to establish a regular routine of therapy, they have taught additional staff members PT techniques so that as many children as possible can grow stronger and healthier.

LWB is delighted to share photos of the Dingxi nannies as they finished their training. We are extremely happy to help this orphanage and these nannies make a positive impact on the lives of children in their care. We look forward to sharing healthy progress notes from Dingxi in the near future.

Linda Mitchell is a wife and mom to four, blog contributor for Love Without Boundaries and volunteer at her kid’s school, student of School Library Media, K-1st Sunday School Teacher…..and creative writer when she can get a word in edgewise.

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