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Do You See It?

Daniel loved having his picture taken by a professional photographer. He posed and smiled like a little angel. But look closer—behind his beautiful smile and adorable dimples. Do you see it?

Each month when I read Daniel’s report, I laugh out loud because he is so full of mischief and uses his charm to get whatever he wants from his foster family and his buddies in the neighborhood. In China they call him “the big potato,” which I believe translates as “the big shot” in English. I bet you can see his boyish mischief now!

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  • Kristi says:

    I was so excited to see Daniel’s picture featured on the blog! He is such a doll! My son has that same impish grin. My kids see his picture on our fridge each day and call him their brother in China. I’ve been having a hard time explaining that we are sponsoring him, not bringing him home…