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Domestic Adoptions in 2017

At LWB, it’s a real celebration each time we hear that one of the orphaned children in our China programs has found a  forever home. Ten years ago, almost every child in LWB care would have had their files prepared for international adoption. Today, when we learn a child has been chosen, our first question now is “Domestic or International?”  What a difference a decade makes, as more and more families in China are opening their hearts and their homes to children born with various medical needs. Here are some of the beautiful children who were domestically adopted from our healing home and foster care programs in 2017.  We wish them all a lifetime of love and happiness with their new families.

Sully (Heartbridge Healing Home)

Kimberly  (Heartbridge Healing Home)

Christine (Anhui Healing Home)

Naomi (Anhui Healing Home)

Chelsea (Heartbridge Healing Home)

Anna Eleanor (Changzhi foster care)

Kenley (Fuyang foster care)

Sailor (Fuyang foster care)

Brody (Fuyang foster care)

Linda (Huainan foster care)

Joni (Xiaoxian foster care)

We are grateful to everyone for supporting these children in their time of need and making it possible for them to find permanent families through adoption.

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