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Domestic Adoptions in 2018

Each year, we see an increase in the number of children from our programs who are adopted domestically in China. In 2018, these children from LWB programs were adopted domestically and will grow up in the country of their birth!

Olive – Healing Homes
Jimmy – Medical and Healing Homes
Camilla – Medical and Healing Homes
Nathaniel – Healing Homes
Jordy – Medical and Healing Homes
Griffin – Medical and Healing Homes
Maizie – Foster Care
Harold – Foster Care
Dane – Foster Care
Jane – Medical, Healing Homes, and Foster Care
Susan – Medical, Healing Home, and Foster Care
Scarlett – Foster Care
Christi – Medical, Healing Homes, and Foster Care
Etan – Medical, Healing Homes, Foster Care
Fernando – Foster Care
Baylee – Foster Care
Jimena – Foster Care
Jason – Medical, Healing Homes, Foster Care

Please rejoice with us that these children, once orphaned and vulnerable, have graduated from LWB care to living with a permanent family of their very own!

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