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Dominic: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

Darling Dominic started stealing our hearts the moment he came into LWB’s care as a tiny six-week-old with a serious heart condition. After spending four months in one of our healing homes and growing stronger each day, Dominic was ready for his life-saving heart surgery. In true Dominic fashion, he quickly captured the hearts of the doctors and nurses as well.


Last October, Dominic had a Blalock-Taussig shunt, or BT shunt.  A BT shunt is a palliative procedure that does not correct the defect but helps to resolve symptoms until the child is older. Although the surgery was a success, Dominic spent an additional four weeks in the hospital due to developing bronchitis. Once he was discharged and returned to the healing home, he began getting stronger and started to thrive.


This little sweetheart is now ready for the next step on his journey to healing and needs LWB supporters to help make it possible. Your donation, whether small or large, will help precious Dominic continue to have a chance at life.

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