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Dorjee Dolma: LWB’s Featured Student of the Week

Dorjee Dolma is a lovely young woman who is part of our Mama’s Wish Program. She is a college student at Qinghai Nationalities University where she is studying Tibetan and planning to become a teacher. Her reports show her to be a dedicated student, and one with an especially kind heart as the story below shows.

Mama’s Wish assists with the education of children, teenagers, and a few young college students in the Tibetan region of Qinghai province. Many of the students that we support are orphans or have lost one parent, but all are poverty-stricken and would not have the chance of an education without Love Without Boundaries. These students, mostly girls, come from families that are nomadic herders, gather wild medicinal plants or practice subsistence farming. Often there are many family members relying on a total income of less than $100 a year! Obviously there is no extra money for school fees, and so most of these young girls marry very early – sometimes as young as twelve.

Dorjee Dolma has been part of our program since it began in 2005, when we heard about an incredible group of young women who were determined to create a brighter future for themselves. She began attending middle school where she impressed her teachers with her voracious love of books.

She then moved on to JianZha High School where she continued to do well. In all of her pictures she is smiling.

In the Mama’s Wish program, students write letters to their sponsors. Sometimes there are comments from teachers, too! Until this year this was done twice yearly – but starting November we will be sending quarterly reports to each sponsor. Unlike other LWB programs, sponsors can write and send pictures to their student!

During the terrible Yushu earthquake this past spring, Dorjee and a few of her friends volunteered around the clock in hospitals, translating for the Tibetan people and the Chinese doctors who came in to care for the thousands who had been injured. She said in one letter to her sponsor, “We have seen pitiful and helpless poor people who filled our eyes with tears in the hospital. I so think nature is cruel and heartless.” She had friends who lost family members, and she says that she felt “desperate” to comfort them. She made sure to eat with them everyday so that they didn’t feel lonely.

In a recent report, Dorjee said of her studies, “I am also fully using the material in the library, holding the time in reading books related to all kinds of knowledge in order to enhance my knowledge, to widen the angle of my thinking of the problems so that I can cultivate good thinking habits.”   She loves to study and chose to take electives in Nutrition and Ancient Chinese History.

To continue her college education, Dorjee needs $1500. To sponsor Dorjee, click here. If you would like to sponsor another Mama’s Wish student, click here.

LWB’s Mama’s Wish Program has made a commitment to provide an education for 87 students – primary, high school, vocational and university. We cannot do this without you!

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