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Double Birthday Celebration at the Healing Home

We celebrated not one but two birthdays at our Healing Home last week!

Lovely Meredith turned eight years old. She’s the big sister at our Healing Home and is beloved by all. Meredith has a family in the U.S. awaiting permission to bring her home, and they generously co-sponsored this party.

Sweet Jayson turned three! He took the birthday business very seriously until the cake and yogurt drinks came out, and then he really seemed to get into the spirit of celebration.

Wherever Kolby goes, it’s a party!

He adores his nanny and had lots of fun feeding her big messy bites of cake.

Meredith took to her role as “big sis” and made sure that Tula got her share of cake as well.

Macy got into the cake feeding spirit and shared hers with Kasen.

Jerome shared a laugh with his nanny.

Of course, he’s always making everyone laugh!

Sweet Harlow celebrated by dancing with her nanny.

Harland offers a birthday salute to his friends.

Tobias seemed to be enjoying both cake AND cookies. Why not?

Beatrice offered “cheers” to her friends Meredith and Jayson in honor of their special days.

We sure loved celebrating these two amazing kids and count ourselves honored every day that we’re been entrusted with their care.

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