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Double Blessings: Sydney and Reagan

Earlier this year, Love Without Boundaries was contacted by an orphanage in rural Anhui, China, that had just admitted twin baby girls.


The tiny preemies had been found with a note saying their parents were unable to afford their medical care. Even as our hearts filled with sadness over the family’s enormous loss, we knew it was urgent to get the baby girls to the hospital. Thanks to our wonderful supporters, Sydney and Reagan’s journey of healing with LWB had begun.


The tiny infants, born prematurely, had arrived to the orphanage in a fragile state. The little girls both had IV marks in their heads (meaning their birthparents had tried to get them the medical help they needed), but sadly a note left with the girls said the expenses were beyond their family’s means. We were heartbroken to know that the cost of medical care had caused the little babies to become orphaned, but we immediately made a commitment to help them find the healing they deserved.

The girls were immediately admitted to Anhui Children’s Hospital’s neonatal unit, where they received oxygen, antibiotics, and special preemie formula.

sydney-growing-strongerSydney getting stronger

The baby girls proved they were tiny warriors, gaining strength day by day. After a month in the hospital, they finally reached five pounds and were ready to be discharged to our Anhui Healing Home. It had been quite some time since we’d had twins in the home, and the nannies were excited to greet them. The little girls immediately got down to the serious business of sleeping and eating, and then sleeping some more… exactly what preemies need most.


The girls have been at our healing home for five months now, and their personalities are really starting to shine through. Reagan appears to be the current ringleader of the two, with an energetic and active personality. Sister Sydney is an almost always happy little baby but is definitely the quieter of the two.

We are so hopeful that 2017 will be the year that these beautiful little girls will be chosen together for adoption. What a joy they will bring to a family!

1 Reagan Sydney 8.26.16

Sydney and Reagan received the healing and TLC they needed only because of your wonderful support, and for that we say a double THANK YOU on behalf of these double blessings. They are alive and part of our world today because of your kindness.

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