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Double Your Dollars for Anhui Healing Home

Individually, we are one drop.Together, we are an ocean. – Satoro

Double Your Dollars BeforeBefore…

Double Your Dollars Afterand After!

Do you ever feel like your donation is too small of a drop to make a difference? It is easy to think that a mere $25 toward a $5,000 goal is not even enough to make a dent. At LWB we always stress that every dollar counts. We firmly believe that no donation is too small, and for the remainder of September, that is especially true!

A generous donor has come forward with a challenge to benefit the babies at LWB’s Anhui Healing Home (AHH). Every donation made between September 15th and September 30th will be matched, up to $5,000. Your donation up to $25 will be doubled. That means your $25 donation actually becomes $50!

But there is even better news. For donations above $25, your contribution will be tripled! So a $30 donation will result in $90 and a donation of $100 will result in $300 for the kids at AHH!


The medically fragile babies at AHH like Clarajane, seen above, need you. While many generous monthly sponsors contribute toward the cost of caring for the babies under the care of our AHH nannies, additional expenses are incurred such as unexpected hospitalizations, medications, and expensive formulas for special dietary needs. These expenses are not covered by our regular sponsorships, and this year’s demands have depleted our funds. The Double Your Dollars Campaign could not have come at a better time.


For example, cute little Jan (above) came to AHH needing quality nutrition and cleft lip repair surgery. However she suddenly had epileptic seizures in August that required two separate hospital stays, totaling $1,800.


Although tiny Faith’s hydrocephalus was her reason for needing care at AHH, she came down with a respiratory infection this summer and needed to be hospitalized for two weeks. Her expenses for that hospital stay came to $3,600.

Babies occasionally need tube feeding when they are recovering from an illness or surgery. Respiratory illnesses can require nebulization or antibiotics. Although unpredictable, these types of extra expenses are always necessary.

Anhui Healing Home was LWB’s very first healing home in China. Children with medical needs ranging from cleft lip and palate to malnutrition, premature birth, and heart conditions are cared for in a home-like environment by specially trained, loving nannies. LWB partners with Anhui Children’s Hospital to provide the children’s surgeries and medical care. After the children have healed, they return to their hometowns, usually in LWB’s Foster Care Program. There they develop the crucial attachment and bonding skills developed in loving, family relationships while they wait for their forever families to find them. AHH has helped over 100 babies get a second chance at a healthy life.

On behalf of the babies at AHH, we thank you for your donation, whether big or small.

Because every drop matters to our ocean.

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