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Down Syndrome Love: Without Boundaries!

October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month. All month, we’ve been celebrating the many incredible children in our programs who were born with Down Syndrome. On the final day of October, we are putting them all together to showcase how down-right amazing they are!

Roberta, age 7 (Xiaoxian On-Site Family Care)
Roberta has $8,000 in available adoption grants

Mateo, age 9 (formerly of Tongren foster care)
Mateo has $3,000 in available adoption grants

Val, age 4 (On-Site Family Care and Education)

Sterling, age 4 (On-Site Family Care and Education)

Gracie, age 3 (On-site Family Care and Education)

Lincoln, age 3 (China Healing Homes)

Jerome, age 2 (China Healing Homes)

Joshua, age 2 (China Healing Homes)

Kasen, age 1 (China Healing Homes)

Palmer, age 1 (China Healing Homes)

Jaxon, 5 months (China Healing Homes)

As we head into November, we want to say how thankful we are that our friends and supporters join us in supporting these children and believing that Every Child Counts. Our love for them knows no boundaries!

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