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Dr. Bao in Anhui

Dr. Bao just went on a run with the mobile medical van in Anhui. He is a very famous neurosurgeon in China, but is one of the most kind and caring doctors that we know (along with Dr. Li the heart surgeon). After this trip, he said that we would love to do this regularly in the future or whenever there is a need.

Over and over ag ain, he took time out to exam every child that needed to be checked. He impressed everyone who met him with his kindness and caring nature. He even wore bright colors daily, because he wanted to be colorful for the children.

As they traveled, the people traveling with him kept commenting on how smart he was. This was how Dr. Bao’s responded:
He kept saying his IQ is really low, but his EQ is very high. Some people didn’t get it and asked him why.. he said as long as you have a heart full of sympathy, you will become smart.

Dr. Bao is so proud to be a member of LWB, but we are SO grateful, not only to have his incredible medical skills, but to also learn from his generosity.

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