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Dreaming Big for Danna

Today, we want to introduce you to a remarkable and resilient young lady who is in need of additional sponsors. Danna has overcome so many obstacles in her life, yet she remains committed to her education as well as helping others to learn.

She is in grade 11, and when her school day ends, Danna teaches English to the elementary students in our Cambodia education programs. On weekends, she remains busy by participating in the Mercy Youth education outreach program to surrounding villages.

During a recent LWB team visit to Danna’s village, we were able to talk with her directly about her life experiences. She shared some of her family’s many struggles over the years.

When Danna was younger, her mother tried her best but could not afford to care for her and her sister. The two young girls stayed with relatives in Phnom Penh until they, too, were no longer able to provide care for the sisters. Sadly, the girls were forced to go to a shelter; however, it was at the shelter that Danna was able to attend school for the first time.

The teachers there soon realized that she was a natural learner and teacher, and they encouraged her to learn all that she could during her time with them.

Although Danna’s mother had very little and her health was suffering, she longed to be with her daughters, and the sisters were desperate to be reunited with their mom. Danna’s mom decided to move her family to a rural area near Poipet, having nothing but a mat to sleep on when they first arrived.

Together again, Danna, her sister, and their mother persevered. Danna sees her mom as a role model, as even though her mom’s own health wasn’t good, she still tried to help others in their village. She encouraged Danna to join our LWB impoverished student programs, allowing her to continue her education and also participate in outreach to youth in the villages.

Although Dana has considered a career in nursing, she also feels a calling to teach others. She has a true natural gift.

We are so honored to play a part in Danna’s life. Now her future is full of HOPE and opportunity.

Please Dream Big with us and consider sponsoring Danna to make her dreams for a brighter future for her and her family come true!

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