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Dreaming Big for Tegan

Meet Tegan, a darling four-year-old from our Rangsei Believe In Me school who is in need of additional sponsors.

Tegan attends school with her sister and brother and also has a baby brother who stays home with her mom.

During our team’s recent visit to their region of rural Cambodia, we were able to sit and chat with Tegan’s mom. She shared with us more about the daily hardships her family faces as well as their determination to keep their children in school.

Tegan’s mother told us that she herself was never able to attend school. Her husband only completed third grade and now leaves their home early each morning hoping someone will hire him as a day laborer.  Tegan’s mother often spends much of her day trying to find a way for her children to eat. She sells mangoes until there are none left on their tree; when they are gone, she must borrow money or ask for a bag of rice so that she and the children can eat a meal.

Tegan’s home

It is a great relief to Tegan’s mom to know that each day, thanks to the LWB Believe In Me school in their village, Tegan and her brother and sister receive a nutritious meal as well as milk.

In the face of many obstacles, this family remains joyful that their children now have the opportunity to attend school where they receive so much more than just academic enrichment. They have good nutrition, clean water, access to basic medical care, and a safe and supportive place to learn and grow.

Through the encouragement of their teachers and parents, the children in this family now have HOPE for a brighter future.

It is only with the support of generous donors that these critical education programs continue. Please join us and Dream Big for Tegan. Consider sponsoring her, or a child like her, today.

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