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Dreaming Big To Keep Families Together

This year, spring has brought several precious rural children into our care, and we would like to introduce two special children who recently received life-saving heart surgeries through our Unity Initiative. One of the goals of our Unity Initiative is to help prevent future abandonment by desperate families who have no way to provide the medical care their children need.

One-year-old Zane was born with a heart defect called a VSD, or Ventricular Septal Defect. His mother stays home to care for him and her ailing parents, while his father works far from home as a migrant worker. The family is heavily in debt for Zane’s grandparents’ medical bills. When Zane was diagnosed with a VSD, they were sadly forced to postpone the surgery he needed due to finances.

Recently, doctors said that postponing surgery any longer could endanger Zane’s life. We were so grateful to be able to say yes to Zane’s parents’ application and move him immediately for surgery, thanks to our Unity Initiative General Fund. The surgery went well, despite a slight post-operative fever that his doctors treated with antibiotics, diuretics, and cooling cloths.

Zane soon felt well enough to play in his room with his mom.  After 11 days, Zane was able to be discharged from the hospital and rejoin his family!

Jasmine, now 5 years old, was diagnosed with an Atrial Septal Defect (ASD) when she was just four months old. In the years that followed, she was hospitalized many times, and her growth has been unfortunately delayed compared to other children her age due to her heart issues. Jasmine’s father works odd jobs and doesn’t have a regular income, and her family has thus not been able to afford the surgery she needs.

When Jasmine’s family heard that our Unity Initiative could help, they felt hope for the first time in years. In May, Jasmine received a successful surgery and was able to get out of bed and take some short walks a few days later. It was pretty obvious that Jasmine now feels an entirely new sense of health and energy!

Each one of these children, and each one of these families, have been positively impacted because of the compassion and generosity of supporters of our Unity Initiative. Their support allows us to DREAM BIG in order to help these impoverished rural families get the medical care they need while remaining together.

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