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Dreaming Big With Julia

Sometimes you meet a child who has the ability to instantly touch the hearts of everyone she meets. Julia, from our Uganda foster care program, is one of these children.

Charming Julia has cerebral palsy and a speech impairment. She lives with a large foster family who is extremely supportive of this beautiful little girl who was born with special needs. They are determined to provide her with a good home and education, and Julia has absolutely blossomed in their care.

Julia loves interacting with her foster siblings and friends at school, and they all recognize her kind and gentle heart and want to be her friend.

Julia’s teachers tell us that she is extremely bright and that she understands and responds to everything taught in class. Although she has struggled with writing in the past due to her cerebral palsy, her teachers feel that she is improving; she can even draw some objects! They also feel that her speech is improving and they are able to understand her better every day.

This resilient girl is a true survivor, and we are overjoyed to see her thriving in the care of her foster family and blossoming at school, surrounded by friends and teachers who believe in her dreams.

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