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Dreaming of Higher Education

Every year in China, the national college entrance exam (Gao Kao) is administered, and sitting for this national exam remains the best (and often only) way for a rural child to escape a life of poverty. The nine-hour test is offered just once a year and is the sole determinant for admission to Chinese university. Almost ten million students sit for the exam each year, trying to receive a coveted spot at one of the 1900 colleges in China. The competition is fierce, and families push their children to study for hours each and every day throughout their high school years.

Anxious parents keep vigil outside of an exam site

For an orphaned child to sit for this exam is an accomplishment in itself. For an orphaned child to pass the exam with high enough marks to enter university is extraordinary. Students with families who sit for this exam often have special tutors and attend after school courses, and of course have moms and dads pushing them to keep studying and keep learning. Orphaned children face so many obstacles – and must push themselves.

We recently learned of two young ladies who grew up in the Liuzhi orphanage in Guizhou province. This is a very rural area of Guizhou, and when we visited the orphanage in March we were met by wonderfully kind staff doing their best with meager resources. We are so thrilled that two of the kids in their care have succeeded in passing the national college exam, and hope we can find people who would want to partner with us to help make their dreams of a university education a reality.

Qing (shown above) is 19 years old and has been accepted to the Sichuan Foreign Languages College in Chongqing.

Rong is also 19 and did so well on her exam that she was accepted to college in Beijing – what a journey for a girl who grew up in rural Guizhou.

Both girls will need approximately $1500 for tuition and room and board this year. The orphanage does not have the resources to send these two girls to college, and so they have asked for our assistance. We have team members on the ground in both locations who will be checking on the girls and making sure that they assimilate well to university life. Sponsors will receive quarterly updates on their progress – and can know they are truly helping to change the lives of two incredibly determined young women. To make a donation towards their tuition, please visit our Education sponsorship page. Thank you so much!

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