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Drew, No Longer Blue

Drew captured LWB’s Medical Team‘s hearts with his very first photo. While his lips were blue, indicating a serious heart defect, he certainly did not seem to struggle with gaining weight! Drew is from an orphanage in Anhui Province, where winters are especially cold and difficult for children with heart conditions.

Meeting Drew

Even though he had a solemn expression, he did not seem to indicate that he was struggling. When Drew arrived at the hospital with a serious and complex heart defect – Dextrocardia and Complete Endocardial Cushion defects – he was described as a very strong baby with a loud cry. In fact he was very selective about his formula, and if the bottle wasn’t mixed just right, he would clamp his little lips shut and refuse to eat. Drew’s photos indicated he was most relaxed when being held by his caregiver.

Drew with caregiver

Drew’s pre-op tests were completed, and the doctors decided on the Glenn procedure as the first step to healing his heart. He had the surgery on May 3rd and was removed from the ventilator the very next day. In a few days he was moved out of ICU and into the regular ward, where he was very happy to be reunited with his caregiver. His eating and sleeping quickly returned to normal, as if he hadn’t just gone through major heart surgery! We think Drew looks amazing with his pink lips and sweet hint of a smile.

Drew at Anhui Healing Home

Drew is recovering from his surgery in LWB’s Anhui Healing Home, where he is getting the attentive post-op care he needs.

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