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Dueling Duo

Lance and Millie entered ACHH within days of each other last summer. They have shared a lot of firsts together.



They had the same surgery date, the same nanny, the same discharge date from ACHH and now the same foster family in Huainan. We have watched them grow, become stronger, flash their first smile, get their first tooth, receive life changing cleft lip surgery, and develop their own unique personalities. As you can imagine, Millie and Lance were both very precious to their nanny and many times Millie and Lance competed to win their nanny’s attention. “Millie’s trick is to cry, while Lance’s trick is to focus his pitiful eyes on me while I am playing with Millie,” states their nanny. Consequently, oftentimes, we found Lance and Millie sitting together, playing with their nanny, so they could both receive her complete and undivided attention.

Earlier this month they entered foster care in Huainan and have the same foster parents. We look forward to hearing how they continue to compete for the love and attention that all babies need and deserve. They look like they are off to a good start with their adoring foster dad! We hope someday soon these two precious ones will be capturing the attention of their loving forever family!



Sandi Glass
Healing Homes Co-Director

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