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Duncan’s Success Story

Duncan at hospitalIn early August little Duncan’s orphanage contacted us to request medical care for him. Duncan had struggled on and off with pneumonia since arriving at the orphanage at the end of last year, but his condition had worsened and he was in an urgent situation. The local hospital recommended that he be moved to a larger hospital in Anhui Province, where his condition could be better diagnosed. Duncan was extremely sick with pneumonia when he arrived and, according to LWB’s Anhui Director, was struggling to breathe. He was immediately placed in PICU upon admission. Little Duncan had to endure many tests as he had an enlarged liver, spleen, and lymph glands, along with fluid in his chest and abdomen. Our staff was so concerned about him.

Duncan feeling better

After the initial admission tests were done, the doctors suspected a much more serious disease, given his unusual and complex symptoms. Our hearts were in our throats when we learned they had done a biopsy to check for lymphoma. Duncan continued to struggle and had to be placed on a ventilator and endure more tests, including a CT and a bone marrow test. The nurses would often be seen holding his little hand or comforting him as he worked to fight off the pneumonia. He received a blood transfusion and continued to need help breathing. While we waited for the biopsy results, Duncan began to make some small gains. He could suck on a bottle again, and the color began to return to his cheeks. The ventilator was removed, and each day he looked a little better and slightly stronger.

Duncan smiling

After waiting twelve long days, the test results came in, happily ruling out lymphoma! We all exhaled a huge sigh of relief, even though the experts we consulted believed he had a severe case of infectious mononucleosis. Treatment began immediately with anti-viral medication, and he improved in leaps and bounds. Soon Duncan was sitting up and smiling and was strong enough to move to a regular ward. His lymph nodes returned to normal size, and the infection dwindled. He continued the medication and soon was ready to be discharged.

Duncan ready for discharge

The doctors and nurses who attentively cared for Duncan grew so attached to him during his stay that they all took photos of him with their cell phones on the day he was discharged! Duncan is now recovering in LWB’s Anhui Healing Home as he continues to grow stronger each day.

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