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Earthquake Update–Three Weeks Later

It has been three weeks since the devastating earthquake hit Sichuan. As I have watched the news reports and read the articles from the comfort and safety of my living room, I try to comprehend the numbers of people affected by this devastation: 71,000 dead, 5 million homeless. But what does this mean? I understand these are incredibly huge numbers. It is easy to feel sad, shake my head, and then continue with my day.

In an effort to really grasp the magnitude of the devastation, I have made some comparisons:

71,000 people dead:

That is 6,000 people less than the population of the city of Melbourne, Australia.

The war in Vietnam claimed the lives of 58,217 American soldiers.

5 million homeless:

That is two-thirds of the population of New York City.

Think about that—two-thirds of all the people in NYC suddenly without a home!

The population of Finland is 5.2 million—almost an entire country homeless.

Love Without Boundaries has delivered formula to Chongqing Civil Affairs, and we are currently working on long-term relief efforts. We have a doctor visiting three orphanages in the hardest hit areas to assess the situation for us. Once we receive his report and recommendations, we will be better able to decide how to best use the funds our supporters have entrusted to us.

We appreciate every organization and individual who are working to help with relief efforts. Although our efforts are small compared with the magnitude of this disaster, we know that the combined efforts of many groups and people will make a difference for those in need.

Thank you so much for your support and concern for the victims of this tragedy.

Check out updates on our Earthquake News website page at:

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