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Easter Baby Hunt


This weekend, many children will enjoy Easter egg hunts and will shout with glee when they find another prize. Our cleft team had their own special hunt today, but their “eggs” were a tiny bit bigger than usual.


Our team members had flown into Beijing and were then taking a train to Kaifeng, the site of our next medical exchange. They knew that three of our tiny patients this next week were also going to be on the same train, and so our determined team members went on a special Easter baby hunt.


The first to be snagged was little Paul, who was making his journey from Inner Mongolia. He was a little unsure about all the strange looking women crowding around him, but pretty soon they had won him over with a new bib and some toys.


Our determined team went searching again, and soon found Robert Owen.



Once he got his gifts of homemade bibs and a fancy new hat, he was all smiles for our crew.


Baby Ted was a little trickier to find, but soon we received a text to the U.S. that their hunt was over and that he was being passed around the train with love.


Our team leader Maureen Brogan finally ended up with him on her lap, and like all good baby whisperers, she soon had him fast asleep.


Safe journey little ones! Next stop is Kaifeng Children’s Hospital, where your new smiles are waiting!


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