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Today we want to introduce you to just a few of the amazing kids who are hoping to have the chance to continue to attend school through our Believe in Me orphanage school program in Lanzhou. For less than $1 per day, you could sponsor one of these children for a month and receive quarterly updates and photos of them and their school-day adventures.  Even better, you would be providing a life-changing experience for a child who doesn’t have another opportunity for education.


Emily is 11 years old.  She has osteogenesis imperfectus (also known as brittle bone disease) and uses a walker to help with her mobility.  Emily has waited a long time for the chance at an education, and it thrills us to be able to provide her with this opportunity! Click here to sponsor Emily.


This handsome and happy fellow is Charles! Charles is seven years old and has mild cerebral palsy, a condition which previously prevented him from attending school. If you’d like to help Charles receive an education, please click here.


Eight-year-old Tara has limb differences which have impeded her ability to attend school, and we’re so happy that we are able to provide her with an opportunity to receive an education. Visit her sponsor page to help Tara.


Chase is just two years old and is full of mischief! He has a corrected heart defect and is raring to learn. To help give him this life-changing experience of an education, please click here.


Audrey loves to participate in everything going on around her. She is three years old and has mild cerebral palsy. We are looking forward to watching Audrey blossom in our Believe in Me school! If you’d like to be a part of her education, please click visit her sponsor page.

As we mentioned, approximately 40 additional sponsors are needed to allow all the children eligible in the Lanzhou orphanage to attend school.  We cannot help these children without the help of our big-hearted sponsors.  Please consider sponsoring one of these deserving children, and help us to spread the word that help is needed!

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