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Edward: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week


Three-year old Edward joined our Dingyuan foster care program in Anhui in November and he has settled in well. He loves playing with other children and really enjoys going to kindergarten with his foster brother and sister. Described as ‘sociable and mischievous’, he is a typical active little boy. His smile says it all!


One of Edward’s favorite TV programs is ‘Animal World’; apparently, he does a mean impression of a frog, leaping out in front of his parents to make them jump. He clearly loves life and has a wicked sense of humour, which his foster family and friends are lucky enough to enjoy.


Edward seems to glow from the inside, and his beaming smile lights up the world around him. It is easy to understand how he has captured the heart of our Dingyuan foster care coordinators.

We think that his life journey is going to be extraordinary!


Edward is in need of sponsors. Please consider supporting him and watching him take bold steps towards his future.

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