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Effervescent Emma

Emma is a constant delight. Her bubbly personality shone through from her first days at our Henan Cleft Healing Home (HCHH) and has become stronger with each passing day. Needless to say, she gets a lot of attention from the nannies and is the life of the party at HCHH!

One of the things that keeps Emma laughing is knowing that she will have a clean diaper whenever she needs it. Emma and all of the babies in our cleft healing homes in Henan and Anhui and at our Heartbridge Pediatric Unit go through mountains of diapers. Seven babies currently live at HCHH — just think how many diapers that makes each and every day! Fortunately, the Healing Homes all use disposable diapers and are using a brand that supposedly prevents diaper rash. Let’s hope for their sake — and the nannies’ sake — that they make good on that guarantee!

If you would like to help our Healing Homes in a very important way this year, you can go to our LWB Holiday Gift Guide and purchase a gift of diapers for just $25. Anyone who has ever cared for a baby — or seven — knows what a miraculous gift disposable diapers can be! Emma and her friends at HCHH thank you.

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