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Elgin’s Story of Hope and Healing

Some of you will remember that right before Christmas 2019, newborn preemie Elgin was found in the cold.

We rushed him to LWB’s partner hospital in Hefei. Baby Elgin was admitted to the Neonatal ICU (NICU) weighing just 1.3 kgs, or 2.9 pounds.

After spending over a month in the hospital at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Elgin reached the “magic weight” of 4 lbs and could leave the hospital at last.

After all that time alone in the NICU, Elgin absolutely soaked up the love and attention from his foster family. They told us that he had a great appetite, and he began to gain weight and strength, kicking his legs a lot and even enjoying tummy time. They said that he was a very lovable baby.

Look at those gorgeous chubby cheeks! Elgin came such a long way from his difficult and fragile beginnings.

Thanks to our Healing program and On-Site Family Care, Elgin truly was able to heal and thrive. Several weeks ago, we rejoiced when we learned that he was adopted domestically!

We know you’ll join us in wishing Elgin a long and happy life with his permanent family. He has had quite the journey in his first months of life, and we are grateful to everyone who supported him and helped him become someone’s cherished son.

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