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Elizabeth: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

We would like to introduce you to Elizabeth, the youngest baby in our Deyang nutrition program. Yes, this cutie is a little girl even though she is wearing blue. Just two months old, Elizabeth weighs 12 pounds and is about 20 inches long. We say about 20 inches as she didn’t want to stretch out her legs for a more accurate measurement!

Elizabeth’s bright eyes and chubby cheeks are due in part to the high quality formula that she receives through our Deyang nutrition program. Every three months we ship formula to the orphanage, and one of our staff in China visits the orphanage to assess the children’s health and developmental progress.

Current donations to this program no longer bring in enough funds to cover the amount of formula we have been sending each quarter. In addition to babies like Elizabeth, toddlers with special needs at the Deyang orphanage also benefit from our formula. We urgently need monthly sponsors and one-time donations to this program to prevent us from having to cut back the amount of formula sent each quarter. Monthly sponsorships of $20 are suggested, but donations in any amount are welcome. All donors will receive quarterly updates with photos and stories of the children in our Deyang nutrition program. With your help, Elizabeth and her Deyang friends will continue to receive the gifts of health, contentment, and a full tummy.

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  • China0407 says:

    I’m sitting at the computer now with my new son, from the Deyang SWI – just came home the end of August. He is very healthy thanks to all of you. As we look at the photos of the different kids pictured here from Deyang my son recogonizes them as his friends. They are all precious and need families. Once we get settled in our new home I will begin to sponsor the nutrition program at this SWI.

  • I shared this on my FB page. Our Li’l Empress received nutritional services when she was in Baoji. We are so grateful for our healthy girl and for the part you all played in helping her be that way!!!