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Elizabeth: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

Elizabeth is one year old and has a complex heart defect. The doctors would like to do a heart catheterization to determine her pulmonary artery development so the best possible surgery plan can be developed for her. In order to live a healthy life, Elizabeth will need to receive surgery as soon as possible.

Featured Child Elizabeth

Your donation in any amount will help provide this beautiful girl with the gift of healing and a chance of a family of her own.

We are happy to report that Elizabeth is on the waiting children list to be adopted.  If you or someone you know may be interested in her adoption, please email us!

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  • Will be blogging about Elizabeth soon! In the meantime, I will advocate too!

    Being the Momma to 4 amazing heart children from China, I know how fortunate any family would be to call her their own!

    Two of our children were born with complex defects and one of them was able to have the Glenn surgery thanks to LWB and its amazing supporters.

    I would be happy to talk to anyone who might have questions about parenting a child born with complex heart disease. Our children were born with varying forms, including TOF, TGA, and single ventricle defects.

    Not sure what Elizabeth’s particular defects are, but being that a glenn is a possible surgery, I thought this post might be informative for someone considering her adoption or the adoption of the many others waiting who will need a glenn and later a fontan surgery.