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Ella came to our Mukono Baby Room when her mother abandoned her family last fall. The only source of income for Ella’s father is burning charcoal at night, something that made it very difficult for him to care for his infant daughter. He desperately wants to parent his daughter and be a part of her life.

Ella’s father visits her as often as he can. The staff at the healing home are trying to help him find a way for him to parent her full-time. In the meantime, however, they are caring for her with great love, and it shows on Ella’s happy face.

Ella really likes to eat! The staff shares with us that hunger brings out the worst in Ella — something many of us can easily relate to. Fortunately, Ella doesn’t go hungry for long. here she is gobbling up her beans and posh (a staple food in Uganda made of corn flour).

Since this spring, Ella has struggled with ongoing respiratory infections. Luckily, the healing home has a pediatrician on call and nurses who regularly care for children who are ill. This summer the infections have abated and Ella has been healthy, allowing her to be silly and carefree.

Ella absolutely adores her nanny and won’t let any one else feed her. She also reserves her occasional temper tantrums for her Nanny alone. We’re glad she feels so bonded.

Verbally, Ella is developing right on track. She is very chatty and tries to have conversations in her own baby language. Her favorite word is “tatata”. We all wish we could hear what she has to say!

Ella’s father visits her weekly and hopes to be able to arrange to take her home with him sometime soon. Ella loves when he comes to see her, and it is always hard for both of them when he has to leave.

This precious girl needs an additional sponsor to ensure that she gets the care she needs to continue to thrive, grow, and attach. Please consider either a full or shared sponsorship of Ella! Sponsors receive photos and reports about Ella’s progress each month and will have the satisfaction of knowing that they have made a real difference in the life of a child.

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