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Ella’s Very Fine Motor Skills

Every few weeks, our foster care managers visit each child in their home and check their motor skills and development. In our foster care program in Changzhi, one little girl’s motor skills are growing by leaps and bounds.


It seems like only a few months ago, Ella was just learning to use a pencil and scissors. Now this darling three-year-old can write the number three beautifully, and she can use the scissors to cut her hair.

Ella2Ella last month before her self-cut

Wait, what? Yes! Her foster mother reports that Ella has now joined the “preschool hair cutters club” that so many parents out there know all too well. Ella chose a style that could best be described as “some long, some short”. Go, Ella!

Ella3“How do you like my new ‘do?”

Those are some very fine motor skills, indeed!

Her foster mother decided to take her to a barber — just to fix it up a bit.


We love that these classic rites of passage take place in our foster families, just as they do in any typical family. And just like any typical mom, we are pretty sure Ella’s foster mom could never be annoyed once Ella flashed this sheepish little grin!

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