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Emergency Babies

Over the last 13 years, orphanages in China have learned that they can trust LWB’s Medical program when they have an emergency with a child in their care. Typically these emergencies involve babies who were recently abandoned, possibly due to medical needs that were too overwhelming or expensive for their birth families to handle and require urgent medical attention.

Jordy is one such baby. His orphanage called us in September to ask for help with a baby who was dehydrated and had a very distended stomach. In the case of dehydration in a newborn like Jordy, every minute medical care is delayed can make the difference between life and death.

We agreed to help Jordy, and when we got him to the hospital doctors discovered that he had already had a first stage anal atresia repair (colostomy) that had failed.  It turned out his colostomy surgery hadn’t been done very well and another surgery was needed right away. Thanks to our Emergency Medical Fund, we didn’t have to wait to raise the funds he needed before agreeing to his surgery.

Fortunately, Jordy came through his colostomy repair surgery with flying colors and is even beginning to take some formula. Although this little guy has had a rough beginning to his life, we hope that now he is on the road to better health.

Joanna is another newborn who came to us under emergency circumstances. Her orphanage called us immediately when she was abandoned and left in their care. She was born with a serious condition where the skin and muscle of her abdominal wall hadn’t closed completely in utero and only a thin membrane covered her internal organs.


Once again, our Emergency Medical Fund allowed us to help Joanna right away. We were able to move her immediately to a larger hospital with experience handling this type of issue, and she had surgery right away. It was a success!


Joanna remains in the hospital as her body adjusts to having her abdomen closed. Without immediate medical care, Joanna was at a much greater risk of a deadly infection and organ failure. We are so grateful that she is now beginning to heal!

Mateo is not a newborn but a 15-month old baby who has a family working to bring him home as soon as possible, However, Mateo’s kidneys are currently failing. The nephrologist feels that without dialysis, Mateo will be unable to make the long trip back to the United States after meeting his family.


We quickly made arrangements for Mateo to be moved to one of the top children’s hospitals in China, and he is now receiving treatment. His caregivers say that he is a cuddly boy who loves to be held.

We are so grateful that we did not have to wait to raise funds for Mateo’s treatment before moving him — all thanks to our Emergency Medical Fund. Our goal now is to help keep him healthy so that he can go home in the arms of his forever family!

Of course, this is one of our primary missions: to provide healing to children in need so that they may have the opportunity to thrive and hopefully find families of their own.  We hope that Jordy and Joanna will one day have forever families coming for them like Mateo. Our job now is to keep them in good health so that their orphanages can file their adoption paperwork.

Donations to LWB’s Emergency Medical Fund will allow us to continue to help children who are in urgent situations.  Your donation could save a child’s life.

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