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Emergency Food Relief for Buyange Village

Ever since the pandemic began, LWB has been providing emergency food relief to vulnerable children in the regions where we work. This past month, we distributed essential food supplies in the Namatumba district of Eastern Uganda.  This region has seen frequent episodes of severe hunger and childhood malnutrition and was hit last year by devastating hailstorms which destroyed hundreds of homes.

Our team was determined to get critical food supplies to as many children in the Buyange village as possible. Bags of rice, beans, and corn flour were loaded onto trucks, and our team began the three-hour journey into the countryside.

As soon as the truck entered the village, the children came running.

In this area, families are large, with most homes having 12 to 15 children. That meant that we had lots of eager young helpers who wanted to show us they could lift up the 30 kg bags of food.

One of the families who really touched our social worker Peace’s heart included these three beautiful children:  Jotham, Said, and Joan.

These adorable siblings come from an extended family of 20 people. Their 70-year old unemployed grandfather is their primary caregiver, and he struggles mightily to feed all the children in his home. Many days they are lucky if they have even one full meal a day, instead often trying to quiet their hungry stomachs with just a small bowl of porridge. This family was overwhelmed to see the LWB food truck arrive and couldn’t stop saying thank you.

We also learned that the children in this family have never received an education because the grandfather is unable to pay their fees. Jotham, Said, and Joan all told us enthusiastically they still dream that someday they will get the chance to go to school.

Our team was so touched by the simple joy in each child’s eyes knowing they would have food for the month. Many kept singing and dancing after receiving their family’s supplies.

Some of the little children that couldn’t lift the big bags of rice or beans cried thinking they might not receive food themselves. When we then gave them small bags of salt or soap to hold, they would lift them up in joy to show off to everyone around.

The older children were such a huge help to our team.  They lifted the bags and ran to their houses with so much excitement, carrying food items in their arms and even on their heads.

Team member Peace told us, “It was such an amazing experience. The food distribution was like a life-saver, heaven-sent to all the families.”

This week, LWB is raising additional funding so even MORE vulnerable children can receive the food they need. COVID has caused the number of children facing critical malnutrition to skyrocket, especially in Africa and South Asia.  We are standing in the gap during the pandemic to make sure as many children as possible in the communities we serve will not go hungry.

Will you please join us? Thank you for your great kindness in bringing food to those in need.

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