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Emergency Food Relief Update: Cambodia

Delivery of emergency food rations continues in Cambodia. Thanks to generous donations from our community, our team on the ground in Cambodia has been delivering critical supplies such as rice and fish oil to families who have lost their income during the pandemic. We’re also delivering soap to help prevent the virus. We wanted to share just a few of their stories with you to illustrate how these donations have helped us meet the immediate needs of families in the region we serve.

Nyomi, age 12, attends our Believe In Me Rangsei school. She is the oldest of five siblings. Nyomi’s parents used to work by crossing the border to Thailand each day searching for work on cassava farms. They worked hard, but still survived day by day. Now, due to the pandemic, the Thai border has closed. They can no longer work and have been finding it hard to feed the family.

Nyomi’s family was so grateful to receive their emergency supplies.

Twelve-year-old Finley cares for not only her sick grandma, but her younger siblings as well. Grandma has no source of income, and they’ve always had a very meager food supply even before COVID-19.

In addition to the emergency provisions we’ve been providing this vulnerable family, we’ve also arranged for Finley and her siblings to receive hot meals from one of the local mothers in her village.

During food deliveries, our team has been going out to remote regions along the border. It was there that they met a young widow who is caring for eight children in a makeshift house.

Despite the Thai border being officially closed, some people desperate for work have tried to find a way to make the crossing in an attempt to provide food for their families. But that means having to walk through areas still littered with landmines. Tragically, this woman’s husband lost his life trying to make the crossing. He stepped on a landmine and was instantly killed.

Now, she has eight children to feed and no source of income. Our team said that the house was completely empty of supplies when they visited. No drinking water, no electricity, no food.

Our team was able to give them some emergency food rations to help them get through this period without being hungry. Even better, we are working to get this family into a safe home and enroll the children in our school so that when things reopen, they will have access to not only education and medical care but to a hot lunch through our Nutrition program.

Our Cambodia Team made this video to explain their recent efforts to provide immediate help to families in need. We hope you’ll enjoy hearing more about it from one of our teachers.

We are truly grateful to everyone who has supported our emergency food relief program during this pandemic. You’re keeping children from starving and making a life-sustaining impact.

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