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Emergency Food Update

Last week, our amazing supporters made it possible for well over 1,000 families living in extreme poverty to receive life-sustaining food during the pandemic. With this great kindness, thousands of hungry children will now have essential meals over the coming month.

I want to send my deepest thanks to everyone who stepped forward in this time of crisis to support families who were feeling hopeless. Our teams on the ground delivering emergency supplies have been met with tears of gratitude, along with cheers and even dances of joy.

Your kindness has had other significant consequences as well. Because of your generosity, our local teams on the ground have gone into remote regions to identify children without anything to eat. Without the response you gave to our campaign, we might not have learned about several severely malnourished babies who can now receive intervention. We might never have come across additional families trying to survive in homemade tents because they didn’t have the few dollars needed for their landlords.

We’re grateful to report that single mother Mary and her three children, who were evicted after not being able to afford their $3 a month rent, have now been safely moved from their own makeshift shelter to an apartment.

Mary’s children are so happy to once again have a solid roof over their heads and plenty of rice and beans to fill their empty tummies.

This is community:  people opening their hearts to show others they aren’t alone in this world. It’s been something for all of us to cling to during this unsettled time.

We see it in the bravery of the first responders and medical teams caring for those who’ve fallen ill.

We see it in the teachers honking horns and driving by each of their students’ houses holding signs of encouragement.

We see it in the essential workers getting up every day, despite their own fears, to make sure we have access to groceries and mail and transportation.

And now, with the support you’ve given, we see it for desperate families around the world, who can now feed their children.

From all of us at LWB, we send an enormous THANK YOU. You’ve sent such a beautiful message, to every family receiving emergency food, that genuine compassion can be one of the strongest safety nets of all. Love wins…yet again!

~Amy Eldridge, Chief Executive Officer

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