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1kgpreemieOver the last eleven years, more and more orphanages have trusted us and depended on us to help their children born with medical needs.  In these cases, we first gather all of the important information about the child, have our medical advisors review their chart, and then we present their case on our website and advocate for funding. Once a child’s surgery is funded, we immediately make arrangements for them to move to the appropriate hospital.

However, some babies arrive into this world with conditions that cannot wait to be funded.  Children born with anal atresia, for example, often will pass away if they do not receive surgery within 48 hours of being found.  And of course newborns who arrive prematurely, often weighing as little as 1 kg., cannot survive unless they are immediately moved to a NICU unit.

LWB always tries to keep an emergency medical balance so that we can quickly say “yes” whenever an orphanage calls us for urgent help. Recently, however, our emergency fund was completely depleted when one of the babies at our Heartbridge Healing Home developed a perforated intestine. Following this, we told our team members in China that we would have to “close our ER” while we replenished this fund.  Then, a week ago, while our CEO Amy Eldridge was in China, two babies arrived needing urgent care.

The first to arrive was baby Stacy, weighing just 1 kg. when she was found outside a maternity hospital.  Amy made immediate arrangements to move Stacy to the NICU at Anhui Children’s Hospital, where she is still being cared for today. Stacy has thankfully gained steady weight, and doctors feel like she has a great prognosis for a healthy future.

Baby Stacy PrematureBaby Stacy

The next day, yet another baby was found, this time at the orphanage gate.  Amy was just about ready to leave for Hefei when little Patrick was discovered.
patrick anal atresia

Patrick must have been born almost immediately before being abandoned, as he still had vernix covering his body.  A quick inspection showed he was born with anal atresia, and so we knew he had to be urgently brought to the hospital. The orphanage quickly wrapped him up in blankets, and our team climbed in the van to rush him to the children’s hospital for emergency surgery.

We ask you today to become part of these precious children’s stories by making a donation of any amount to our emergency medical fund.  As Amy writes, “It is never easy to say no to an orphanage who calls us for sincere help, but of course the help can only be given when funds are available.  Even though I knew our emergency program had closed, there was no possible way for me to say no to these two beautiful newborns.  While all of us involved with orphan care know the realities of abandonment, when you are standing right there looking at the face of a child just a few hours old who has already found himself completely on his own, it just takes your breath away.  You stand there knowing that without immediate help, the child cannot survive.  Who could possibly look at that completely innocent, amazing, wondrous little baby and then walk away without doing something to save them?   I know none of us could.”

Patrick came through surgery with flying colors and will soon be moved to our Heartbridge Healing Home.  Stacy will be discharged to our Anhui Healing Home when she reaches 2 kg.  Two priceless lives saved, and that is something to celebrate!  It only happens because people like you step forward to help.  We are so grateful!

Patrick post surgery anal atresiaPatrick post surgery 

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  • Heather says:

    Sweet, precious babies! I could never walk away either! Praying that your emergency fund is renewed quickly and generously!