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Emergency Medical Treatment for Baby Christi

Last week we got a call in the early hours of the morning that a newborn wrapped in an old yellow blanket had been discovered outside the gate of a local orphanage. When the nanny uncovered her, she saw that the little girl had been born with several of her organs on the outside of her body. This life-threatening condition (called gastroschisis) only occurs in about 1 in 10,000 births. Baby Christi needed emergency medical treatment to survive.

christi arrival

Thankfully, our team members were able to immediately take Christi to the provincial children’s hospital a few hours away where she was immediately placed in the PICU. With this rare condition, the repair is usually done in stages. Doctors protect the fragile organs in a special bag, and slowly, over time, the organs are moved back into the abdomen.

Christi inclubator

We have been so worried about little Christi and were happy to see video of her kicking and crying strongly in the ICU, as we knew that meant she was a fighter. Doctors have been slowly allowing her liver and intestine to come back into her abdomen, and if all goes well, she will undergo surgery in the next few days to close her belly. We would sure appreciate every prayer and good thought for this beautiful little girl.

christi incubator2

When babies with emergency medical needs like little Christi come into our hands, we do not have time to raise funds in advance for a surgery. We are so grateful for every donation to our emergency medical fund – whether it is $5 or $500 – as it often means the difference between life and death for a critically ill child.

Christi is now up on our website, and if you would like to help be a part of saving her life, you can make a donation on her sponsor page.

This little one has a very long road ahead of her, but we are giving thanks that the orphanage called us immediately for help. She now has the best chance possible at complete healing!

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