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Emily is Headed Home for the Holidays!

Healing Homes Success Stories

Miss Emily first came to LWB’s attention this past March when some of our staff members were visiting her orphanage and learned that this little one was on an adoption list in the U.S. The orphanage staff was concerned that she hadn’t been chosen by a family and feared that so many special needs (missing most of both legs and one arm and having a cleft lip) might prevent any families from considering this sweet and bright little girl.

Healing Homes Success Stories

With LWB’s April cleft exchange surgery trip right around the corner, it took only a few emails to arrange a spot for Emily to have her lip repaired. With that surgery out of the way, we had hopes that a family might step forward to love this little girl forever.

During pre-op testing, it was discovered that Emily also had a sizeable ASD (Atrial Septal Defect, or hole in her heart). Doctors were able to go ahead with the lip repair, and then Emily was sent on to LWB’s Heartbridge Healing Home to prepare for heart surgery which took place in July. With her lip and heart healed, now Emily just needed to rest, eat up, and get ready for something even more life-changing: a family that had already fallen in love and by this time was preparing their adoption paperwork!

Healing Homes Success Stories

Emily has proven to be a sweet but strong-willed little princess. She loves to be tickled and cuddled and isn’t about to let her missing limbs slow her down any… She simply rolls across the floor to reach a toy or her nanny, and she doesn’t need any help, thank you very much! Emily will be leaving for her adoption in just a few days and should be home for her first Christmas with parents and siblings. We wish them all a lifetime of love and laughter, and we just couldn’t be happier for this wonderful ray of spunky sunshine. Have a beautiful life, little one!

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