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Emma: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

A medical team visited a Chongqing orphanage during this past summer and evaluated a little one with an open fracture of her femur. The team was concerned for the girl and talked to the director regarding surgery but was told the funds needed to be raised first. Sadly it was discovered the sweet Emma had the fracture when she arrived at the orphanage, and no one knew how or when the injury happened.

Emma sitting

Recently the team returned to the orphanage and learned that Emma STILL had not had the surgery, so they reached out to Love Without Boundaries to help. Based on photos we have received and information provided to us, the leg is showing signs of irreversible damage. If surgery is not done soon, precious Emma may lose her leg.


It is hard to even fathom the pain she has endured, along with the discomfort from the infection. The orphanage is doing their best in caring for Emma, but they need all of our help in providing the thing she needs most right now: medical attention and healing.


Our wish is that Emma will soon be running and playing with her friends instead of spending her day watching from a chair. Will you please join us in giving the gift of hope & healing to this sweet girl? Your donation in any amount will be greatly appreciated.

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