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Empowering the Children of Rangsei

Cambodia’s history under the Khmer Rouge was a brutal one, resulting in the deaths of almost two million people, decimating the country’s education system and throwing millions into abject poverty. After the regime was overturned, the school system in Cambodia had to be rebuilt almost from scratch, and countless people grew up illiterate.

Life in the impoverished rural villages remains difficult. Many live without electricity or clean water, and a staggering 40% of children under the age of five are malnourished.

Impoverished families, struggling to simply survive day by day, often felt education was a luxury they could not afford and had their children work rather than attend school. The truth, however, is that education is the only way that any of the children living in the remote villages of Cambodia will ever be able to escape the cycle of poverty in which they currently live.

In summer 2017, work was completed on our Believe In Me Rangsei school, and today this school has over 180 students enrolled from preschool to Grade 3. We also began special catch-up classes for children who have missed out on schooling because their parents could not afford to pay for lessons at the public schools or because they are the children of migrant worker parents.

This week, I would like to share more about our Believe In Me Rangsei school, the extra services we provide to our students, and some stories about the children’s lives.

While we were so blessed to receive the funds needed to build the new schoolhouse, the students here urgently require sponsors so that their education, safe transport, and nutritious food will continue.  Please visit our website here for more details on how you can support one of our Rangsei students.

~Arlene Howard is the Managing Director of LWB’s Cambodia Programs.

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