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Empowering the Children of Rangsei: Hot Lunch Program

Over 40% of children in Cambodia suffer chronic malnutrition so serious that stunting and health issues are common. In many cases, the children’s naturally dark hair will turn blonde due to lack of good nutrition in a condition called Kwashiorkor malnutrition.  We’re working to change that number through our hot lunch program in our Believe in Me schools.

Every day, cooks at our Believe In Me hot lunch program work hard to produce a nutritious meal for the 180 children who attend the school.  The kitchen facilities they use are very basic, and electricity is unavailable.

Isn’t it amazing how they can cook so many meals on such tiny stoves?

Our menus feature dishes such as mixed vegetables with fish or stew with fish and water lily. The array of vegetables served contains some ingredients possibly not familiar to many in the west, such as boiled water gourds, morning glory, and luffa gourd banana flower soup. The children also love more common things such as long beans, jackfruit, mushrooms, and cabbage.

Today we would like to share Nico’s story.

Nico lives with his parents near to our school.  Early each morning, his parents leave to go to work.  His father works as a moto driver, and his mother works in a factory.  Nico’s parents are gone until very late in the evening, so there is no one at home to provide lunch or dinner for him.

Nico walks to school each day with his siblings. There, in addition to receiving an education, they are provided with a nutritious hot lunch each day.

This is the only hot meal Nico and his siblings get each day. 

At school, Nico is described as a friendly, clever little boy.  He has many friends and he excels in Khmer literature and mathematics.  His weakest subject is music, but that is mostly because he is a little shy to sing in front of the other children.

Nico does not like spiders nor frogs which is a shame because there is an abundance of both in this area.  One day, a frog jumped on him when he was outside playing, and he ran away so fast!

Nico’s parents really appreciate the support from LWB donors, not only for providing education and nutrition to their children, but also for protecting their children from abuse at the hands of traffickers since they are on their own much of the time.

Little Nico is in need of a sponsor to support his education. Sponsorship is $25 a month, and sponsors will receive regular updates and photos on his progress. To support Nico, please visit his sponsorship page on our website.

For just $20 a month, you may also help provide hot, nutritious lunches to children like Nico by becoming a sponsor of our Nutrition fund.

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