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Empowering the Children of Rangsei: Trafficking Dangers

Cambodia has the highest rate of child labor in southeast Asia and remains a country plagued by sex trafficking, especially along the border regions. Without a doubt, the term “vulnerable” sadly applies to tens of thousands of children here.

Children living in rural Cambodia are at risk of abduction if they walk through the countryside to get to school. Because of this, many parents in remote villages are unwilling to send their children to school. To enable children living in rural locations to get to school, we’ve now purchased several tuk-tuks to bring these children to class on a daily basis.

Today we would like to tell you about Deborah and Monica, two girls who use the free tuk-tuk service provided by LWB to get to school.

Ten-year-old Deborah attends our Believe In Me Rangsei school. She lives with her four siblings and parents in a remote region many kilometers away.

She travels to school each day by the LWB tuk-tuk, and it’s actually her father who works as the LWB “school bus” driver.

Deborah and her father drive around picking up all the children from several different villages before dropping them all off at our school.

Deborah is so excited to be part of our school program, and we know this bright and curious girl has unlimited potential inside of her if she is allowed to continue her education.

Monica lives with her parents and six siblings in a rural location, quite some distance from our school.

Each day, her parents cross the border into Thailand to work. Her older brother and sister both dropped out of school during middle school and are now working in Thailand, occasionally sending money home to support the family. Monica’s family is very poor and often does not have enough food to eat.

Due to the distance involved and also of the trafficking concerns mentioned above, Monica also rides an LWB tuk-tuk to our Believe In Me Rangsei school each day.

Monica is an enthusiastic student who enjoys learning Khmer literature and playing skipping and running games with her friends. We are so happy that Monica is now able to safely attend our school!

Both Monica and Deborah are in need of sponsors to support their educational dreams. Could you consider a $25 a month sponsorship?

Sponsors get regular updates and photos and help provide not only schooling and safety but also a hot nutritious lunch each day.

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