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Empowering The Children of Rangsei Village: Isabelle

This week we have introduced you to just a few of the over 180 children who are attending our Believe in Me Rangsei school in rural Cambodia. The final child we want you to meet is little Isabelle, one of the ten children from the local dumpsite who are now able to receive an education.

When we first visited the children at the landfill, we knew something urgently had to be done in order to help change their futures. Nine-year-old Isabelle was one of the first children who greeted us as we walked through what seemed to be a sea of garbage, flies, and waste.

She and her family live right at the dump site in a homemade shanty built from scraps of corrugated metal and boxes. The children who call this place home are exposed to the dangers and filth of items like medical and electronic waste, broken glass, and rotting diapers. The smells are overwhelming, and the health risks from methane gas and scavenging through shifting mountains of rubbish are very real.

Before enrolling in our education program, Isabelle would often work 12-14 hours a day digging through the trash for recyclables to sell.

Now, every morning she is picked up by an LWB tuk-tuk driver and taken all day to our Believe In Me Rangsei school. Isabelle is enrolled in grade 3, and she is working hard to master her math facts and improve her reading. While she is still very shy, she is making new friends. Her teachers say she has a heart of gold.

Isabelle really enjoys the daily hot lunch at school, and we are monitoring her height and weight closely.

We’re so thankful that Isabelle is now spending her days in the safety of our Rangsei school, as the children who live at the landfill face a cycle of poverty and hardship which will never be broken without access to education.

We believe that thanks to the opportunity to attend our Believe In Me Rangsei school, Isabelle can envision a future free of scavenging through the dumpsite. But this future can only happen if we all come together to make this essential program sustainable.

Through your support, we can continue providing this life-changing program in Rangsei Village to children from the most remote villages and landfill site. Can you spare just 84 cents a day to brighten the future of a child living in poverty?

Your $25 a month gift brings not only education, but nutritious hot lunches, art and music, computer skills, and safe transportation. That’s an investment in a child’s life that will have long-term impact. On behalf of the children just like Isabelle…..we send our deepest thanks for continuing to believe that EVERY CHILD COUNTS.

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